Explore & Configure Real Estate Media Projects

We’ve launched a new application on our website — a tool we call “Explore & Configure” that allows a user the ability to directly interact with our database. This is something new and represents a never-seen-before level of transparency in real estate media production.

What does this mean for you? With this application, you’ll be able to …

  • Explore recent media projects from your market
  • See it all — in one location
  • Find projects similar to a current need of yours
  • Instantly calculate complete project pricing
  • Explore new products and media & marketing ideas
  • Become aware of new projects as they happen (everything is updated daily)
  • Easily configure and order a new media project yourself

Ultimately, “Explore & Configure” is what we’re about — distilling good media production into its most simple and understandable form, and systematizing what has been an inconsistent industry dominated by lots of individual, boutique videographers and photographers, with a ton of pricing, quality and product variability — especially in the luxury media space.

Click on the tabs to see some of the other, non-real estate media we’ve been producing — a sampling of what’s possible. Visual, web-based media continues to grow and evolve quickly and with “Expore & Configure” you can see this evolution real-time, and easily evaluate the relevant details: this + that + this = THAT.

Explore & Configure