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Search Engine Optimization for Small Business & Real Estate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical, often-overlooked component of your digital presence — one that many small businesses haven’t fully considered. Your website might look great and might be attractive to a human, but is it attractive to the gatekeepers, the 500LB gorillas of the Internet? Unless your site is built with SEO in mind, customers won’t find you when they search on Google or Bing or Yahoo for your product. With our services and advanced analytics, FēD boosts the discoverability of your website, and the effectiveness of your digital advertising. Search engines have complicated, constantly-changing algorithms to rank and prioritize the display of websites. Unless you’re immersed in the industry, it’s likely that the latest techniques, the latest strategies will remain a mystery. Our SEO improves your presence. It’s one more piece to the puzzle. It’s one more way that FēD’s INTEGRATED services benefit you.

Search Engine Management (SEM) takes optimization to another level, going further to incorporate a wholistic, global view of your rankings online — incorporating strategies like social media management, consumer reviews, and viral visual media to increase your digital visibility. Your digital presence (or really these days, your presence) isn’t determined by one thing or another anymore, it’s broad and multi-disciplinary. Discover the power of integration. Discover how engaging FēD as your digital one-stop-shop can grow your business and your bottom-line.


SEO/SEM Audit – $799

SEO/SEM Boost – $999*

Full Service (ongoing) SEO/SEM – By Estimate

SEO combined with advanced Digital Marketing has specific, measurable results that our client case study shows here. Web traffic increased over 1000% month-over-month. Website bounce rate decreased by nearly 40%. Page View duration increased nearly 90% and most importantly, client leads were up 60%. When your content is structured and designed with optimization in mind, it is far easier for your clients to find you. When you combine FēD optimization with Digital Marketing, these are the results that you can expect.

1000% Increase in Web Traffic*
40% Less Bounce Rate
90% Increase in Page View TIme
60% Increase in Client Leads

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