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A Personal Commercial—Do you want to tell your story?

It’s your story. Tell it beautifully.

FēD helps you with a quality production of your story—your Personal Commercial. Share it with your audience, with your customers, with the world. Filmed in stunning 4K and edited to perfection, we work with you closely to identify the story you want to tell.

Personal Commercials make the perfect centerpiece to your website. They can replace the “about” page, they can sell you and your business, and they can even inspire. You bring more to your business than just “what you do.” Let’s tell that story.



**Price is for a standard personal commercial production, 3:00 – 5:00 filmed in 4K over the course of one day in less than 3 locations and including an interview, various B-roll sequences, edited to industry standards. If you would like a more extensive production or something different, please contact us for a quote*

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Tell Your Story

Holly has an inspiring story of survival, one that shapes the way she practices real estate. From the beginning of the process she wanted her video to be open and honest and to portray her unique personality, her unique history in a true and relatable way.


Phil and Evan might be young but the passion they share as brothers for their short-term rental management business is obvious and palpable the minute you meet them.

Open, honest, no-frills, “I am who I am.” Kristan’s video speaks to who she is personally, and the authentic, non-nonsense values she brings to her real estate practice.

Vaughn is an individual. Vaughn is a family man to the core, and lives by a powerful personal code that shapes his interactions with both his family and his clients.

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