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Real Estate Video for your Listing

Video content for the Web is king. We raise the bar on real estate video, filming in 4K and using cinematic motion control, time-lapse and aerial drone footage.

Would you like to be in the video and sell the property yourself? We do that too, and with quality lighting and professional audio capabilities, you’ll look and sound great on camera.

We have the following video capabilities to make your video project exceptional:

  • 4K Motion Controlled Interior Footage

  • 4K Aerial Drone Footage w/Cinematic Motion

  • 6K Cinematic Time-Lapse Footage

  • 4K Agent Interviews w/Quality Audio

And your subscription will always save you 10% on all media products.


(Video Image Tour) $69.00

(Drone Video Hybrid) $249

(Full Video) $499**

(Full Video + Interview) $599

**Discount with photography ($50). Discount with FēD Subscription (10%). Prices quoted on videos of houses (2,000 – 5,000 sq ft). For large, luxury listings please contact us for a quote**

The FēD Subscriber Discount

Monthly Subscribers (unlimited photography & social media) always receive 10% off any video products, websites, or advanced digital marketing.

Real Estate Video Product Option

Video Image Tours ($69)

A new, exciting take on those old, tired, standard “Ken Burns” moving image “videos.” Sure, we still use still images, but these are fast-paced, original, and perfect for modern Internet media consumption. The music on these is pretty good too. It’s a budget option, but you’ll still end up with a video file to publish all over social media, upload to your own YouTube channel (or you can just use ours if you don’t have one), and then directly into the MLS.


Drone Hybrid Video ($249)

Everything looks good when seen from above! These hybrid videos are an intermediate product, combing stunning aerial drone footage with the pace, format and special-effects of the Image Tour. Our drone operators are skilled professionals and we strive for the highest quality, smooth, cinematic motion in all of our drone sequences.

Full Video ($499)

Combining exceptional time-lapse imagery with aerial drone video and smooth, creative motion-controlled interior footage, these are the ultimate video tours. Think of them more like video commercials for your listing—we work closely with you to highlight the parts of the property you’d like to show off the most. These are full 3:00 – 5:00 presentations of your property. We provide you with the video file if you’d like it (or just the web video link)—ready to post all over social media, the MLS and your website.

Full Video + Interview  ($599)

No one can sell your listing like you can. And in the end real estate is about PEOPLE, right? Our experience shows that videos with actual humans in them get substantially more views and traction than those without. These are also exceptional opportunities to build your brand, to market your own services and yourself, along with the property you’re selling. We use quality lighting and audio-recording techniques to make you look good, and we interview you and edit your responses extensively too—so there’s no need to memorize anything!

The FēD Push

We do more. If you purchase media products from us, we handle the distribution on your platform, for free. Don’t have a platform yet? We can help with that too.

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