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Digital Marketing for fast paced business

Modern digital marketing is a complex balance of content production, timing and the ability to identify and target your  unique audience. FēD helps you make every marketing dollar you spend go further and earn more. We take a multi-specialty approach to reach your marketing needs by combining exceptional photos, videos with social media management and strategic web distribution of the content we help you create, all while increasing your SEO and return on investment.

Your marketing strategy is key to growing your business. Owning a business shouldn’t require you to be a marketing genius, a video or photography professional AND the best in your own industry. Give FēD an opportunity to show you how you can transition your digital marketing efforts into a full online presence “from pic 2 click.”


Flat rate – 25% of ads budget*

Tailored Campaigns – starting at $499*

The FēD Hunt – $799*

*Ads budget dependent, $499 minimum. Flat rate pricing includes advertising design, implementation and execution on Google Ads Network. Other advertising networks may have additional costs. Tailored digital marketing includes basic design for coordinated ad implementation on multiple platforms (i.e. Google Search, YouTube ads, search ads, etc.)

The FēD Hunt starts with research, evaluation and strategic examination of your position on the web. Give us an opportunity to show you where you sit within your market and how far your reach might be. If you have an existing relationship with a marketing agency; Great. We’ll have an opportunity to show you the work that they’re doing, with no strings attached. Starting at $399*

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) go hand-in-hand with the digital marketing services FēD provides. We have the opportunity to increase your search engine rankings and diversify your presence on the web based on an analytical approach  based on numbers, not hunches or feelings. We follow the latest trends and most updated algorithms to understand what it takes to get you results. Hard numbers. Hard, tangible results.

We make it EASY to transition your existing content to our management. No content yet? No problem. We take the photos, shoot the video, fly the drones, write the posts and then put it all on the website we help you create, FEED your social media, and promote your advertising engagement to get you more business. Easy. Are you ready to MIGRATE?

You’ve heard the buzz, but we’re no honey bees. We’re working on game-changing data analytics to apply to nearly every industry. We’re in a position to offer you insight that is unheard of for your business at a cost you can afford. Artificial intelligence is anything but artificial. It’s here stay. We’d like to include you before your competition.

Fed web analytics chart from Alexa

The FēD Push

We do more. If you purchase media products from us, we handle the distribution on your platform, for free. Don’t have a platform yet? We can help with that too.

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