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Explore & Configure Real Estate Media Projects We've launched a new application on our website — a tool we call "Explore & Configure" that allows a user the ability to directly interact with our database. This is something new and represents a never-seen-before level of transparency in real estate media production. What does this mean for you? With this application, you'll be

Explore & Configure2024-02-21T14:52:29-06:00

Lead the Bandwagon: Real Estate Photography for Airbnb


Some insights on marketing and real estate photography for the Airbnb phenomena in Colorado Springs… If you haven't heard yet, the market for short-term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc) in Colorado Springs is booming. We have a bunch of clients who either own multiple Airbnb's or manage them. Business for everyone is expanding,

Lead the Bandwagon: Real Estate Photography for Airbnb2023-09-13T12:40:43-06:00

A Guide: Preparing for Real Estate Photography


Here's How to Prepare for your Real Estate Photography Shoot We've been asked by a few of our long-time realtor clients in to create this guide to help them and their sellers get ready for a photo shoot. The suggestions here should apply to anyone getting ready to sell their home and prepare,

A Guide: Preparing for Real Estate Photography2024-03-12T14:53:00-06:00

5 Ways to Take Better Real Estate Photos


These 5 tips should help you shoot better real estate photos … I just finished training a new photographer in Colorado Springs, and a lot of these tips he and I discussed throughout that process (and a lot he was comfortable with already, because he's a natural badass). BUT whether you're a new

5 Ways to Take Better Real Estate Photos2023-09-13T12:43:20-06:00
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